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Closed Sailing for Sustainability

A project from Sailing for Sustainability Network
in Baltic Sea, Estonia

Sail the Baltics. Reseach on sustainability. Join our community for change.

J. Peters
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About this project

*Be part of our movement for sustainability!* In June 2012, the governments of the world will come together to the Rio+20 conference to discuss models for sustainability. We believe that, according to the preparatory discourse of this conference dominated by green economy, it avoid in depth solutions but is very probable to turn forming another step of business as usual. *We need to prove that alternatives are possible.* We are no government, no corporation, no big NGO. We are an open network of volunteers and have very little financial means. To develop concrete approaches for global awareness and sustainable lifestyle, we came up with the idea to sail the Baltics on a ship called "Lovis" during the Rio+20 conference. Instead of doing business as usual, we want to experience and live practical alternatives to consumptionist lifestyle. We invite tutors and participants to this living laboratory to develop graspable actions for what they consider sustaining our world. These three or four weeks on the ship will make it an incubator to think out of the box, for a better future! What we have achieved so far is amazing! Living in a constant beta-phase, we coordinated the route and have a fantastic ship, we set up a network of volunteers all over Europe that puts a tremendous energy into the project, using new technologies to take collective decisions, we have a first draft of a website, we found partners for colourful local events in the harbours and counting. But to realise the project, we need your support. *100% of the donations will be used to realize the Project!* What we miss most at the moment, is money that we can give human beings. We all have jobs and work a lot apart from this project to make a living. But if we would have the money to pay two coordinators a symbolic amount of 750 € per month, we could make sure that the project succeeds! Two coordinators, for two month, would cost us 3000 €. And take a tremendous amount of weight from our shoulders. Thats why we sarted this online donation campaign at betterplace. Be part of our movement. Tell your friends about this. Forward our call for action!