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München, Germany

Paukr is a video community platform that helps teachers make teaching more modern and equitable. Students' strengths are fostered and their weaknesses are better addressed. It creates more equal opportunities in education!

Gregor Sawal from Digital Age Stiftung
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Due to the Corona pandemic, classes have been cancelled and distance learning has been taking place throughout Germany for more than a year. Many teachers are overwhelmed by the lack of technical requirements and digital know-how. The students who suffer the most are those who already have poorer educational opportunities. Those with a socially weaker background often lack a computer or tablet to access learning materials. The screen of a smartphone is too small for a clear display of the interfaces. It turns out that the working time of the students in the lockdown is often cut in half, also because the teachers find it difficult to reach the students in a binding way. In addition, parents are often unable to help their children cope with the tasks due to excessive technical or linguistic demands, and this is actually a central component of distance learning. Teachers are not able to compensate for this, because there are hardly any technical possibilities to deal with the difficulties of the individual.
Paukr is a video community platform on which teachers can exchange information on successful tools and learning methods for digital schools, i.e. on the basis of the peer-to-peer principle. Through explanatory videos and tutorials, they present, for example, web tools used or strategies of personalized learning. The lessons become more modern and equitable, fostering students' strengths and better addressing their weaknesses. Digital technology acts as a critical tool in this process. 
Paukr is non-profit and does not engage in personalized tracking. It is free and secure. We want to offer teachers a protected space outside of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.
Our first action is to take stock of the problems teachers most often face in digital education. To this end, we have been in contact with various teachers' associations. Teachers will receive flyers and answer some questions about their difficulties with distance learning. From the answers, we will pick out the most frequently mentioned problems and commission digital school educators and trainers to provide tutorials on these issues. They can be watched, liked or commented on Paukr. 
With the campaign we want to finance the next technological step. Your donation will help us integrate an artificial intelligence that analyzes, transcribes and categorizes the content of the videos. We can then integrate the videos into the search function and ensure that users find the right videos for their questions and interests. In this way, the creators of the videos can be sure that their content will find the right users - without having to worry about keywords, search terms and descriptions. With the 4,ooo €, we can handle the technical implementation and analyze the first 100 hours of content.

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