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Refugees are Trained as Peer Mediators

A project from R3SOLUTE
in Berlin, Germany

R3SOLUTE trains refugees in shared accommodations to become peer mediators. As they often do not have wifi, we are currently not able to offer online workshops, even though the pandemic is increasing conflicts in the refugee shelters.

Helen Winter
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About this project

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We are a non-profit organization (NPO) focused on building conflict management systems in community shelters for refugees. Trainers (some with a refugee background) educate refugees in conflict resolution skills and peer mediation to effectively and independently prevent and resolve conflicts in their peer group and in the neighborhood.

The work of R3SOLUTE mainly lives on highly motivated and committed volunteers - without them, we would not survive this crisis!

Unfortunately, however, in recent months all workshops in the community shelters had to be canceled and postponed indefinitely, as we are not allowed to give workshops due to the pandemic. Thus, we have no income right now, only current expenses.

Nevertheless, in order to look to the future and use this time wisely, we employ valuable people whose work continues behind the scenes on a daily basis. These people plan digital projects for our target group, build a network in politics and integration work, and write applications so that R3SOLUTE can soon - after the pandemic - be active nationwide and train many more peer mediators* in community shelters.

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