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Blaupause Local Group Würzburg general support

A project from Blaupause - Initiative für mentale Gesundheit
in Würzburg, Germany

Medical students and health care workers are more often affected by mental illness. As the local group of Blaupause in Würzburg, we want to support this group with various projects in providing information and ressources for better mental health.

Würzburg Blaupause
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About this project

- - What we are about - -
Employees in the health sector (and also medical students) are affected by mental illness more often than average. The reasons for this are mostly high workloads, economic and psychological pressure and rampant bureaucracy as well as staff cuts in hospitals. At the same time, the psychological barrier to seek help is high and fear of stigmatisation is often overwhelming.

- - What we strive for - -
Blaupause is committed to ensuring that the topic of "mental health" finds a permanent place in the health care system and that acceptance of mental illness is strengthened in that system in particular. Blaupause sees itself as a platform that promotes exchange on the topic of "mental health", with a specific focus on the health sector and its employees. By disseminating information, breaking down prejudices and building up an inter- and intra-professional communication network, we want to make our contribution to a "healthier health care system".

- - How we want to implement it - -
As a local group of the national association Blaupause - Initiative for Mental Health, we strive to raise awareness for that problem here in Würzburg and provide help and information in various ways. We have initiated the organisation of a series of lectures, workshops on the topics of prevention and relaxation techniques as well as increased educational work among students and employees. Although the focus is on medical students, we make modules, lectures and projects accessible to all students so that more people affected or interested can inform themselfes.

- - Who we are - -
In the beginning, the local group consisted primarily of medical students. In the meantime, however, students from all possible disciplines, such as psychology, communication sciences or biomedicine, have joined, and the group is slowly growing with the support of an ever-increasing number of committed people.

- - What we need donations for - -
In order to realise the various projects by e.g. printing flyers, banners and posters for events or bringing in experts and trainers for workshops or interviews, we need monetary resources as well as committed students. We are grateful for any kind of support and are happy to be able to help more students and employees in the health sector.