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A project from Abasha
in München, Germany

Move. Learn. Create. Abasha supports young sports and education initiatives in difficult environments to build stable organizational structures and thus enable local children and young people to access sports and educational opportunities.

Moritz Kistenfeger
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About this project

Abasha is a non-profit club whose mission is to support young initiatives in difficult circumstances worldwide with the formation of stable organizational structures. We focus on existing initiatives that offer free sports and educational opportunities for the local youth.

Through a combination of close communication about local challenges, extensive mentoring and financial means to build a basic organization, the young founders learn the necessary skills to be able to run their initiative independently in the future. Until they are ready, we stand by them as personal mentors

What does your donation do?

100% of your donation goes directly to the initiatives supported by Abasha, as all additional costs are covered by the full members of Abasha. Even small amounts can make a big difference.

Through your donation, we can provide our partner initiatives with the necessary sports equipment, teaching materials or basic IT equipment. But also teachers, rent for training grounds and summer festivals are made possible by your donation. 

For children from disadvantaged backgrounds, free access to education is the first step toward social participation, but there is often a lack of opportunities on the ground. This is where the partner projects fulfill an important social function - by doing sports and learning together, they offer young people from all backgrounds new social, sporting and career prospects. For girls and young women in particular, integration into sports and educational programs offers concrete paths to emancipation.

We currently support the following independent initiatives:

  • "Drop and Ride" in Kabul, Afghanistan - In an environment characterized by a lack of prospects and insecurity, boys and girls alike can participate in a unique educational and sports program in a protected setting.

  • "The Girl's Future" in Busia, Kenya - Given the particular vulnerability of girls to sexual violence, social stigma of menstruation and dropping out of school when pregnant, The Girl's Future provides a perspective for greater independence through mentoring programs, free computer classes and soccer training.

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