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little Sima wants to be able to hear

A project from SanaD e. V.
in as-Suwaida, Syrian Arab Republic

We collect donations for a deaf child. Sima is 1.5 years old and wants to be able to hear. The operation costs a lot of money, which the parents cannot afford. We are a non-profit organization and try to get the necessary money together.

Tarek Alshamandi
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About this project

The children in Syria are very badly affected by the consequences of the war that has been going on for 10 years. Not only is their future endangered by a lack of education, they are also affected in everyday life by the fact that many are orphans and need special care. SanaD e.V. is a non-profit association. The association was founded in 2017 in Berlin by Syrian refugees to help Syrian families, students and orphans to cope with the many challenges they face daily. Families who have no income due to health problems or a lack of employment. Students who do not have the opportunity to finance themselves during their studies. Orphans who have lost their parents and need support.

We, in SanaD e.v., constantly receive inquiries from people in need and are asked to do things that we cannot do, because we are a small association that provides humanitarian aid. We are touched by every story and feel inactive. That's why we decided to share stories with you about what we would like to start a fundraising campaign for. Here is a story of many:

Sausan and Sima, the twin sisters 'names, are one year and 5 months old and live in their parents' house in Swaida, a Syrian city in the south. Parents, like all people in Syria, are exposed to many challenges in everyday life. Everything is missing, the food has become too expensive, no heating oil for the winter. People earn less than € 20 a month on average, which in the best case scenario is enough for a few days.

“When they laugh, the house is full of joy. Sausan calls her mother all the time, Mama, Mama, Sima doesn't say anything, doesn't dance like her sister when music is playing. Sima is always in her world, she doesn't look at her mother when her mother says her name. Sima cannot hear (yet) because it is deaf. " So the mother “That was the biggest shock for us when we found out that Sima is deaf. But there is hope, because little Sima is still very young and, thanks to a medical intervention, is very likely to be able to hear. " However, there is not much time for this medical intervention. The daughter would still be able to learn to speak if she was treated in a year at the latest.

The child Sima suffers from bilateral hearing loss, with no improvement under normal hearing aids. From a medical point of view, the patient needs a cochlear implant. This requires the devices (CONCERTO Cochlear Implant and Rondo 1).

We want to try this way, with your help, to collect the necessary money (approx. € 20,000) for the operation and the hearing aid from MEDEL. That's why we're starting several fundraising campaigns.

Sima is one of many children who depend on us. The local organizations are overloaded with such and more difficult cases and cannot afford such an operation. We are again dependent on your generous donations and we are grateful for that.