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Bolivian child and family centre needs funding

A project from Förderverein Yana Paña e.V.
in Oruro, Bolivia

We are cooperating with an established child and family centre in Oruro, Bolivia, which supports over 1900 families in precarious situations. The centre has had its funding cut off - help us to keep it alive!

Hanna Kaethner
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About this project

The institution Programa Renovación Madre Niño (Renovación for short) - where many of us have worked as volunteers - has been promoting children, youth and community for many years. However, since the beginning of this year, funding has been cut off and the facility is threatened with closure. That is why we have founded Yana Paña e.V. to support our friends and former colleagues in Oruro, Bolivia and to keep Renovación alive. 

For this we need your support!

The Programa Renovación Madre Niño as a shelter and meeting place is an integral part of the lives of 1900 families with a total of 2135 children and young people in Oruro. It has been in existence for over 20 years and is committed to the social integration and sustainable development of children, youth and families in precarious situations. In partnership with other local organisations, Renovación strives for social justice, equality, freedom from discrimination and the reduction of poverty. Through comprehensive activities in the field of child, youth and family development, education and health, the organisation contributes to improving the quality of life of children, youth and their families. 

The work with children and youth is divided into three age groups ("Areas"): 
1st Area: Early Childhood Development (0-5 years).
A day care centre has been set up for the youngest children, who are looked after in alternating small groups in the mornings and afternoons. Cognitive, socio-emotional and fine motor skills are specifically promoted with playful learning such as handicraft and movement units, puzzles and ball games.
2nd Area: Child Development (6-13 years)
The middle age group is tutored in maths, chemistry and physics.
3rd area: Youth development (14-24 years)
The youth, in addition to being tutored in various school subjects, workshops focus on educational work, violence and drug prevention, personality development, physical and emotional well-being, political participation and environmental awareness. 
As a new, small association, we aim to support Renovación principally with the monthly salary of the three social workers. This enables us to guarantee the functioning of the centre, the planning and implementation of projects and activities as well as the care of the children and young people. Additional funding is required for certain thematic activities, about which we will keep you updated here.
For further information, please visit our website or contact us at!