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Vehicle for Disater Communication Unit -- Helping together - everywhere!

A project from Amateur Radio & Emergency Services e.V. (ARES)
in Lonnerstadt, Germany

Rapid assistance.Together. Everywhere.At home and abroad. Therefore we need a vehicle for the fast, unbureaucratic help for our fellow human beings

Markus Wolf
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About this project

For our Department of Emergency and Disaster Communication,  we need a vehicle to the population and other relief organizations by expertise and technology in major emergencies and disasters, fast help and support can offer. 
When commercial communication breaks down --- radio always works ---.
If nothing more goes, it can be that radio is the only contact to the outside!
Our goal is to purchase and rebuild an ambulance and equip it with radio stations, emergency power and other equipment (antennas, first aid material, etc.) needed for such situations.
At the moment, everything is done out of boxes and with private vehicles, which is of course quite impractical for disaster situations and quickly demotivates the volunteers. It is quite possible that one comes e.g. at exposed situations to the employment (hills or the same). Therefore it is desirable to be able to provide such a vehicle to the helpers. 
One should also consider that such operations take place in doubt of course not only in fine weather!
This help is not only limited to the district level, but to a worldwide assistance, be it in earthquakes or hurricanes.

A very heartfelt thank you for your help

Helping together - everywhere