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Corona emergency aid for needy families, women and children in Uganda

Iganga, Uganda

In Uganda, the Corona pandemic is particularly affecting the poorest. Many have lost their low-paid jobs and food prices are no longer affordable for many. Many families with children are living hand-to-mouth.

Micha Koch from Amatsiko Child - Hope for Children e. V. | 
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About this project

Our project area is located in Busoga Region, which is one of the most affected regions with high levels of poverty and unemployment. According to the national census, over 60% of the total productive age population in Iganga is unemployed.

Most people lack sustainable sources of income due to the pandemic, leading to further poverty, dependency and even increased school dropout rates. Due to the high level of poverty, most of them cannot afford the basic necessities of daily life.

Some families do have a small piece of land by their house where they plant maize and plantains, for example, but some things have to be bought. Simple things like maize flour for the daily maize porridge, sugar and salt have become unaffordable. Together with our partner organisation Hope For Change Africa, a Christian-based organisation like us, we are working to help the poorest. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining social and economic environment for individuals and orphans, with the aim of improving human standards and social well-being.

In recent months, we have been able to help many families bridge the Corona Pandemic with donated food locally. With only 5 €, a large family can survive for almost 1 week! An amount that seems very little to us, but is also worth a lot to many people in the villages during this difficult time. Please help so that we can continue to help and support families during this difficult time of the pandemic.

If you don't know us yet:
We at Amatsiko Child- Hope for Children e. V. together with our partner organisation "Hope for Change Africa" have been supporting families, women and children in need in the district of Iganga as well as a children's home run by 'Pastor Brian and his wife in Gayaza/Kampala in Uganda since 2020.

Our aspiration as a small organisation is to cooperate with our partners in Uganda on an equal footing in order to jointly create a livelihood for vulnerable families and children in need, on which they can later build without outside help. For this reason, we prefer to speak of development cooperation rather than development aid, because money alone does not help against poverty.

You can find detailed information on our website and at www.facebook/amatsikochild.

We would be happy if you would take a look! macos/deepLFree.translatedWithDeepL.text
Updated at 06. April 2021