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No bread without games

A project from Kunst und Kultur Nottuln e.V.
in Nottuln, Germany

When art becomes irrelevant to the system ... What happens to art and culture in times of Corona and where is this society headed without them?

Ulla Wolanewitz
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About this project

Because it is the imagination that allows us to cross borders, to open spaces of imagination and to keep our cheerfulness in order to master times like these! Susanna Wüstneck (director)

The pandemic is spreading and the country is quiet.

Dance halls are empty, clubs are closed, theater and cinema screenings are rare, music festivals are canceled, event technicians are sweeping their halls and the fight against bureaucratic hurdles has begun. Much is changing for my friend Guenther and myself - filmmakers and musicians.

So we start an "online session", an experiment to counteract the sudden silence and not to lose the connection to our colleagues and friends.

By profession they are - like us - cultural workers: musicians, actors, dancers, event technicians, organizers, authors.

And suddenly no longer systemically relevant.

When it becomes possible again, we travel to them - from the Baltic Sea to Upper Bavaria, from Berlin to the Muensterland.

We seek them out to find out how they are doing in this pandemic.

Many of them work as solo self-employed, whose income depends on the number of performances. Others work to ensure that the artists can show their works.

Still others need the art that they make, especially for the soul and the exchange with like-minded people.

Our journey is shaped by personal stories about the lockdown - it is about their worries, their views, creative solutions and the happiness of artistic creation.

It is about the importance of art and culture for society and each individual. What does it do to us when it gets quiet? Can art and culture be lost and what will have changed when it's over?

In our documentary 'No Bread Without Games' we'd like to tell you about it and need your support to finish the film. Thank you so much!

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