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HFW CHILDREN: Education, Medical Care and Welfare

A project from Häuser für Waisenkinder e.V.
in Siaya, Kenya

Future prospects through education! We offer orphans, half-orphans and needy children in Kenya, Siaya education, healthy and sufficient nutrition, medical care as well as security and care by a great team on site.

Katja Langenbach
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About this project

We, the non-profit association "Häuser für Waisenkinder e.V." HfW from Germany, together with our cooperation partner "Mbaga Orphaned Children's Centre" MOCC, actively and sustainably provide development work and humanitarian aid on site in Kenya, Siaya. 
The infant mortality rate in Kenya measured per 1000 live births was 4.3% in 2019 compared to Germany with 0.33%. A stark yet sad fact. A world with such unfair and different conditions and circumstances that we are trying to counteract. The most common causes of death among children are treatable diseases such as pneumonia, because many children have to sleep on the cold and sometimes wet floor, diarrhoea and gastrointestinal diseases, because there is not enough clean water, or malaria, because there is no medicine or money for medicine. In addition, there is malnutrition and undernourishment, HIV, poverty and lack of education for parents and relatives, as well as no money to pay for treatment.  And this is exactly where we, as the non-profit association "Häuser für Waisenkinder e.V." (Houses for Orphans) in cooperation with the local association MOCC "Mbaga Orphaned Children's Centre" come in.  

Sponsorship: Sponsorships lay the foundation for a good future perspective for each child. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all sponsor parents for their contribution to paving the way for a better future worth living! In addition to the costs covered by the sponsorships, there are many other ideas and needs that will help to promote the education, development and health of the children. 

Orphanage/School: We take responsibility and take care of orphans, half-orphans, left-behind children and children from neglected, needy backgrounds in cooperation with MOCC. We do our best to meet the basic needs of the children and to be able to live their rights to equality, education, health, play and leisure, protection and care. Because of the regular donations from the sponsor parents, about 150 children can currently attend the school and 11 of them live in the orphanage. Already in summer the new school year will start and another 30 children will be admitted to the school.  
Medical care: Already in 2020, every second Saturday a doctor came to the school for a health check of the children.  We are very proud that there is now Caro, the nurse, who has been there for the children every day since January 2021 and thus takes over the health checks. Now we can ensure that sick children receive good medical care every day and that proper further treatment can be initiated if necessary. But also the mental health of the children is close to our hearts, twice a week the school psychologist Susan comes to pick up the sorrows and worries of the children. 

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