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Give a future in Yemen: Learning and living in an orphanage

A project from Vision Hope International e.V.
in Hajja & Al-Mahwit, Yemen

Never has the situation in Yemen been as hopeless as it is now. We do our best to give young people hope for a better future. In our orphanages live and learn 130 school children.

Elis Tarelli
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About this project

In our orphanages in Hajjah and al-Mahwit, children from war-torn Yemen find a new home. Here they live and are provided with the necessities of life, such as food and clothing. They attend school and spend their free time together playing sports and games. In addition, the children can receive medical care and psychological support.
Almost 6 years of war have led to unimaginably disastrous conditions in the already impoverished Yemen. Currently, there are warnings of a massive famine. Children in particular are helplessly exposed to the situation: Thousands of children have been orphaned and many severely traumatized by rocket fire and bombardment. Some have watched family members die.
Orphans in Yemen no longer receive any state support since the infrastructure collapsed and the country's social services failed. Orphanages have been forced to close, resulting in even more children living on the streets or staying with relatives who are themselves too poor to care for them.
Our children's home project currently reaches around 130 boys of school age who otherwise have no prospects because they have lost their parents or their families are unable to provide for them. They are given the opportunity to live in a safe environment and go to school. The older students also receive life skills training.
One of the boys is 10-year-old Khalil. Due to a chain of unfortunate circumstances, he could not stay with his family. Temporarily, he was placed in the orphanage in Hajjah. Soon he realized for himself what a difference it makes to live in the orphanage: thanks to the good care and the opportunity to go to school, his life has gained a real perspective - his greatest dream is to become a doctor one day.
Please join us in helping to give children like Khalil a perspective for the future with your donation.
Are you considering a sponsorship? It is most helpful if you decide to support us on a regular basis. You are welcome to donate a monthly amount to support one or more children permanently. With 1,200 Euro a year you take over the full sponsorship for one child. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.
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We are Vision Hope International e.V. - an international organization based in Germany. Our goal is to be active in areas of conflict in the MENA region through short-term emergency aid and also long-term, holistic relief.
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