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Island of the Children - A project for street children in Brazil

A project from WCTAG hilft e.V.
in Itaparica, Brazil

There are thousands of children in Brazil, that live on the fringes of society. Please help these children to be kids again!

U. Kramer
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About this project

There are thousands of forgotten children in Brazil, that live on the fringes of society today. Their clothes are dirty and ragged and to make a living they are begging for food and money on the streets. Sometimes they even do not have the chance to get a hot meal everyday. As infants they are already on their own and must be self-sufficient. As a consequence these children often get into a circle of drugs, violence and prostitution.

In our project Island of the Children close to Salvador de Bahia these children and
adolescents are given the chance to learn, play, eat and relax in a safe and loving environment. Our goal is to protect these children from the dangers of the street and help them to find a perspective for the future through systematical education and special activities.

140 children and adolescents get balanced nutrition and are lovingly cared for by our team of teachers, psychologists and volunteers.

Besides an access to education, we promote children's awareness of their fellow human beings, the environment and healthy eating. The children love gardening and cooking classes and learn to take responsibility early on.

Your donations will be used for educational work, food, clothing, teaching materials and toys as well as for maintenance measures such as renovation work on and around our school building.

Please help these children to be kids again!

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