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Social equality through solar energy in Cape Town, South Africa

A project from Capetopia e.V.
in Kapstadt, South Africa

Capetopia wants to finance a photovoltaic system for the roof of a school in Cape Town. In addition, the annual return will be redirected to pay for the school fees of disadvantaged children. In this way we can combine sustainability with education!

Jessica Bönn
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About this project

More social equality through solar energy - help us create a capetopia (Cape Town, South Africa).

Capetopia e.V. wants to fund the the photovoltaic system for a school’s roof in Cape Town, South Africa. We want to push renewable energies in Cape Town and enable a school on site to receive clean energy for a lot less money than usual electricity which normally comes from climate-damaging coal-fired power stations. Additionally we want to reinvest the yearly return to pay for underprivileged kids’ school fees. 
We’ll be realizing the project in cooperation with The Sun Exchange ( who’s an expert for the sell and organization of the installation of solar panels on buildings in South Africa. The Sun Exchange is a peer-to-peer solar-leasing platform, based in Cape Town and believes that sunshine is one of humanity’s most valuable, yet underutilised, resources. 
So do we! :) Hence we want to realize our first project collecting donations to fund the solar panels for a school’s roof in Cape Town. 
On the investment with The Sun Exchange, you’ll get an estimated yearly return of 11% (ultimately depending on many factors like the amounts of sunshine, the usage of the owner, stability in the country or unforeseen events like a pandemic which led to school closures) which we from capetopia want to reinvest directly to pay the school fees for underprivileged kids at the school. 
The electricity from the sun can be sold about 20% cheaper than usual electricity from coal. So the school does not only pay less for their electricity but they will also buy clean electricity. 
Creating more social equality through clean energy. How awesome is this cycle? 
Jessica, the founder and executive chairperson of capetopia e.V. stayed in Cape Town for about two and a half years. After moving back to her hometown in Germany in 2019, she felt the urgent need more than ever to use her privilege in Germany and give back to the community in Cape Town. 
Not only can we minimize the social equalities in one of the most unequal cities on earth but as the Sun Exchange states on their website - solar dramatically reduces carbon emissions and air pollution, and it’s also quickly becoming the most affordable source of electricity. Hence you can help the planet through reducing climate-damaging carbon emissions and reducing air pollutions which are responsible for a lot of respiratory diseases in our age. 

Through donating you will: 
  • Generate clean energy
  • Enable free education for some underprivileged school kids
  • Make a positive social and environmental impact
  • Reduce your carbon footprint for years to come
Much love & many thanks,