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Closed Let's preserve the mural at the socio-cultural center together!

Münster, Germany

cuba Wandbild des Künstlers Saul Gutierrez Silva als Kopie auf einer mobilen Wandbespannung

Gerd Bruns from cultur- und begegnungscentrum achtermannstraße | 
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About this project

Art in public space
has become so immense important in times of the pandemic! A mural painting adresses people of all ages without restrictions, without lockdown or opening times and entrance fees.

Now the mural on the cuba,
despite the fact that its content is still up to date, is getting on in years and urgently needs renovation. It costs money. In this difficult time, in which small and large clubs are struggling to survive, we need support for the renovation.
The restoration is expected to cost € 15,000 - of which € 9,850 will be needed. 
We would like to collect the money in the next two months if possible. 

We ask all friends of cuba and supporters for help. 

The mural still provides an opportunity to address current issues such as racism, colonialism and justice in our globalized world. The mural symbolizes solidarity and with it the many projects and associations that are involved in cuba. The population of Münster, tourists and school classes "visit" the mural in the Achtermannstraße almost every day, are happy about it and discuss the contents.
About the story:
The year 1992 marked the 500th anniversary of the "conquest" of America. Reason for the association Vamos e.V. and the socio-cultural center cuba to deal with 500 years of colonialism, resistance and cultural identity. While the walls around Europe are becoming more and more insurmountable for people from the Global South, we wanted and want to expand contacts and work on creating forms of cooperation and exchange on an equal footing.
The artist
SAUL GUTIERREZ SILVA from Bogota / Colombia created the mural in 1992 over the course of three months together with many Münster residents. Every step here was a communicative process between the artist and the population.
Further information at
We are currently feeling painfully through the pandemic and also through climate change, how closely coexistence of people all over the world is related. Only sticking together, mindfulness and respect will offer the world a future. We would like to continue to campaign for this. Also through the preservation of the mural.
Updated at 13. April 2021