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Truly Inclusive: Rethinking Participation for People with Disabilities!

A project from Tabea Tagesbeschäftigung Aachen e.V.
in Aachen, Germany

We founded TABEA because the day care of people with different disabilities needs to be more individualized and inclusive. We want to enable more inclusion and participation. With each other. For each other. Among us.

Anne Plum
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About this project

Rethinking inclusive day care and enabling participation!

We founded TABEA Tagesbetreuung Aachen e.V. because we are convinced that the day structure of people with care needs can be designed more individually and inclusively than has been the case so far in the Aachen region. Participation is the guiding principle.

The goal of TABEA is a new inclusive all-day facility where people with different forms of disability can find their place. We are thinking of groups of up to 10 people with disabilities. We want to draw from the involvement of skills of all group members (people with disabilities, professionals, BUFDI, FSJ, volunteers). This means:
- 1:1/1:2 supervision possible over large parts of the day, synergy effects/"pooling".
- Individual support plans, goals and assessment with close involvement of parents/legal guardians
- Continuous, creative daily activities individually and in the group
- Embedded in a "normal" environment (no relegation to invisibility)
- Activities in the facility and outside (e.g. sports, swimming or horseback riding)  
- Use of changing equipment such as standing trainers, etc.
- ...and much more!

We are grateful for every donation and with your help we hope to be able to realize our project soon.
With each other. For each other. Among us.