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Water is life - water supply for 15 Khwe-families in Namibia

A project from Futouris e.V.
in Divundu, Namibia

With the help of your donations, the water supply for a Khwe community in the Bwabwata National Park in northern Namibia will be set up so that the Khwe families can grow fruits and vegetables and thus become independent from tourism.

Tatjana Peters
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About this project

A large part of Namibia consists of desert. For thousands of years, the Khwe have lived here as hunter and gatherers in the Bwabwata National Park and can only survive in the wilderness thanks to the unique knowledge of the Khwe elders. 
Since March 2020, the global pandemic COVID-19 has been raging and has completely paralysed Namibia to this day. The tourism sector and all directly and indirectly related industries are hardest hit. Indigenous peoples such as the Khwe are particularly at risk; therefore, help and funding are essential to ensure the survival of the Khwe.
As part of the joint commitment of Futouris and the tour operator Gebeco to improve the living conditions of a Khwe community, the construction of a Cultural Village was planned with the project partner Living Culture Foundation Namibia. The aim was to make the unique knowledge of the Khwe accessible to tourists in order to preserve the cultural heritage of the Khwe and to create a source of income. 
However, before the Cultural Village could be finally built and opened, the COVID-19 virus not only ended tourism in Namibia. Due to the lack of tourists, the Khwe's source of income has disappeared and thus their existence is endangered. 
In order to live independently of tourism in the long-term, another source of income must be created. Since the soil in the village is very rich and therefore suitable for gardening, the Khwe should grow their own food such as corn and other vegetables.
Problem: It rains very little in Namibia. Accordingly, no agricultural products can be grown without additional irrigation. However, the Khwe village we support has no access to a functioning water supply. Water has to be fetched with buckets from the river which is 1km away. With 4-5 walks, the water is just enough for daily needs, but not for watering crops. 
Solution: Our goal is to provide a permanent water supply for the 15 Khwe families in the village so that they not only have clean drinking water, but can also do agricultural cultivation. A pipe will be built and with the help of a solar pump, water can be pumped through the pipe into a 5,000-litre water tank.
In addition, the Khwe will be trained by experts in the cultivation of agricultural products specific to the region, so that the cultivated products are optimally adapted to the prevailing climatic and soil conditions. Seeds and tools such as picks and shovels are also needed.
With 10 Euros, the water supply for a Khwe family can be ensured for one week.
With 15 Euros you can ensure a week’s training for a Khwe family.
With 20 Euros we can buy a starter kit for a Khwe family consisting of a shovel and a pick. With another 5 Euros, seeds of different vegetables can be bought for 1 month.