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Feminist assertiveness and violence prevention for women and girls

A project from BV FeSt e.V.
in Marburg, Germany

BV FeSt e.V. is committed to strengthening feminist assertiveness and violence prevention for women and girls and to equal rights for all genders.

Anika Ziemba
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About this project

The fact that women and girls experience paternalism, violations and (sexualized) violence in their daily lives necessitates the empowerment to a life that is self-determined and free of violence. Women and girls with disabilities experience (sexualized) violence two to three times more often than women and girls without disabilities.

The Bundesfachverband Feministische Selbstbehauptung und Selbstverteidigung - BV FeSt e.V. (Federal Association for Feminist Self-Assertion and Self-Defense) works towards the development and promotion of offers for feminist assertiveness and self-defense for an end of violence against women and girls through education and information. In particular, the improvement of accessibility and the dismantling of existing barriers to self-empowerment offers for women and girls with disabilities should be achieved.  

BV FeSt e.V. is a project partner in the EU project "No means No - preventing violence against women with disabilities" (2020-2021). The aim of the project is to enable access to assertiveness courses for all women with disabilities. With this project, BV FeSt e.V. seeks to further implement the goals of the federal professional association and, further promote feminist assertiveness and self-defense as an important and effective part of combating violence against women and girls.

For our work we need your support!

With your donation, you enable us to take the nescesary steps to enable women with and without disabilities access assertiveness courses. Furthermore your donation supports the work of Germanys leading association for feminist assertiveness.

The funds are needed for i.a.
Own funds required for the implementation of the EU project:
Workshops für Women with disabilities, assumption of costs of sign language interpreters for self-assertion courses, organize a digital symposium, adaptation of the homepage to accessibilty needs (provision of information in easy language, with sign language videos...)
And for
General association work:
the creation of accessible information material for the federal association (in difficult language, in easy language, with Braille, with audio description, sign language video...), creation of a accessible database for the search of local self-assertion trainers, office-equipment

Our non-profit association is financed by membership fees and donations, beyond that BV FeSt e.V. does not receive any additional financial support.

We say thank you for your support!

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