Funded Teaching Materials for West Ambrym

An aid project by K. von Prince in Ambrym, Vanuatu

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K. von Prince (Project Manager)

K. von Prince
As a linguist, I am currently a member of a small team of researchers documenting endangered languages on the island of Ambrym, Vanuatu.
The languages are only spoken by about one thousand speakers each, and before the beginning of our project, there was no standardized orthography of the languages. Despite efforts by the national government to bring Vanuatu's vernacular languages into the classroom, there are still no books or other materials in the three languages of West Ambrym, Daakaka, Dalkalaen and Daakie.

We have already collected a large numbers of wonderful stories and songs and would like to make our recordings and texts widely available throughout local communities, especially to the schools.

But while the funding for our project provides for our salaries, travel expenditure and equipment, the resources for developing teaching materials are very limited.

This is why I would like to raise money for the production of text books and primers. I have already done most of the editing, so donations will go exclusively to the printing and shipping of the text books and I would also like to compensate a local artist who has been providing us with some beautiful illustrations and will hopefully continue to do so.

Your contribution will enable us to produce more and better teaching materials and will thus support the survival of Ambrym's languages. Every contribution counts!

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Location: Ambrym, Vanuatu

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  • Illustration of the story about the rat and the kingfisher

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  • Illustration of the story about how the rat got its tail.

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  • This picture shows a typical local toy, a boat made from bamboo and flowers, which is steered over the black volcanic ash that covers the island with a long bamboo pole.

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