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An aid project by “Earthway Experience Permaculture Center” (Kevin J.) in Mora, Sweden

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Kevin J. (Project Manager)

Kevin J.
Earthway Experience is a Permaculture Demonstration & Learning Center.

We are fundraising for several building projects at our Center.
Our first priority this summer is a meeting and eating room. We have several other smaller projects as well.

Help preserve heritage or non hybrid seeds. By using these we can save seed form plants and be free of Monsanto and the big seed companies

We are using the principles of Permaculture to enhance our site on Lake Siljan as well as at our home in Leksand. By using Permaculture Principles, we care for the land and environment (local birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife), we care for ourselves by eating organically and locally grown food and we give away or sell the excess - no waste!

We have no electricity or running water in the area, except for the stream running through the area! We have solar panels and are planning on using wind power as well.

We want to let people experience a more simple way of living.

Come visit this unique Permaculture site located on Lake Siljan -
called one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Europe.

We welcome individuals, families, school groups as well as corporate visitors.

That's why I would be very grateful if you donated to my project now!

Thank you!

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Location: Mora, Sweden

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