Funded Project: A winter proof House for Tadzhikistan

An aid project by “Habitat for Humanity Deutschland e.V. ” (C. Michalski) in Kumsangir, Tajikistan

C. Michalski (Project Manager)

C. Michalski
Kumsangir is located in the southern side of Tadzhikistan, next to Afghanistan´s border. In Tadzhikistan there are up to 5000 earthquakes every year. In July 29th 2006 an earthquake destroyed 1.484 Houses and left more than 15.000 homeless people. The inhabitants of the affected district have neither the technological facilities nor the construction precepts? What is precepts? Do you mean concepts or blue prints to build an earthquake resistant house by themselves. Many houses are still now half finished; they don’t have doors or windows. Last year Tajikistan experienced the hardest winter for 25 years. The expectation for the next years is alarming.

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Location: Kumsangir, Tajikistan

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