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Jiamini Day Care Center

A project from Jiamini e. V.
in Kiandutu Slums, Kenya

The Jiamini Day Center is currently supporting 25 children from the Kiandutu slum with food, medicine and school education. Trained social workers accompany and support the children on their way.

Jeanette Bliesath
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About this project

The Jiamini Day Care Center is a place where children from Kiandutu slum find support. Through close cooperation between the organizations in Germany and Kenya, we enable the Jiamini children to look into a hopefull future. The day center provides food, medicine, schooling and professional care, which also consider all the children's personal needs. Thanks to a cooperation with a local restaurant, the currently 25 children can have breakfast before school. After school, where lunch took place, the children come to the Day Care Center. Now they have the opportunity for homework, individual learning and playing. In the afternoon they go out. Whether football, basketball, jumping rope or just fooling around a little, physical activity is important. After cleaning up, they go to the restaurant for dinner. Then the children go back to their families. Most of the children are orphans and live with close relatives. Without Jiamini they would neither go to school nor get enough to eat and with a high probability they would be absorbed by the numerous negative influences of a slum, such as prostitution and drug use. Support the children in the Day Care Center so that they have a fair chance of a positive future.