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CO2 Offseting - Citizen in Burkina Faso adopt trees on their land for you

Kaonghin, Burkina Faso

Let us explore together the potential of capturing carbon while improving incomes and food security.

Carl K from Greening Africa Together/Alle Hand in Hand, e.V. | 
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About this project

When thinking about the possibilities we have nowadays in terms of CO2-Compensation projects, we know big reforestation projects, where millions of trees will die after being planted because the trees miss people that can protect them. Now with our project in Kaonghin, Burkina Faso, you can contribute to offset the emission you are inevitably producing nowadays, while helping the local farmers to diversify their income and improve their food security. The project aims at fighting the depletion of the woods, the erosion of the land and the food insecurity of it's citizen. 

By donating to our project, you can help the International Student Group of GATo, with members in Ouagadougou, Bobo-Dioulasso and Berlin to realize the possibilities of rewarding farmers for their ecosystem services as well as for their climate mitigation impact in a village in Burkina Faso. A survey has been done in the population of 298 citizens of Kaonghin, where the students identified a clear interest from the population to adopt different valuable fruit trees like Mango, Guave and Citrus  as well as different traditional, drought resistant trees with medicinal characteristics and fruit production (Nere, Shea, Baobab) on their lands. Our first project aims at enabling the village of Kaonghin to plant 2650 trees  of 9 different species during this years (2021) rainy season, which lasts until September. Depending on the species, we can plant a tree for a price ranging around 2 €. Thanks to the farmers we will ensure a high survival rate of the planted trees and actually capture carbon through the planting of trees and a switch to agroforestry. The reforestation goal corresponds to a reforestation on a surface of around 13,5 hectars. (estimating a tree density of 200 trees per hectar, although it will be up to the farmers to decide where they plant the trees)
This intiative will also help the team to lead further research about the impact of such climate change mitigation measures, especially by quantifying the improvement of the living conditions for the farmers, as well as the captured CO2.
Updated at 11. March 2021