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Europeans For Climate Association e.V.

A project from Europeans For Climate Association
in Heidelberg, Germany

The ECA pusrsues the vision of a climate neutral life in Europe. It strives to "activate more activists" by supporting them to take the step from knowledge to action.

Bernhard Heuvelmann
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About this project

The “Europeans For Climate Association“ pursues the goal of a climate neutral life in Europe. Its benchmark is its claim: “You want to shape the future? Then we will help you to! Define your project, implement it and follow it up!“
This is how we measure our success.
And that is why we as the ECA offer networking opportunities and inspiration. 
 The ECA sees itself as a network of activists, in which the members and activists feel and perceive, that they are not alone. 
The ECA points the way towards different kinds of knowledge, so that people can find exactly what is useful for them.

 To make the transition from knowledge to action, the ECA specifically offers – among other things – pitches, an academy, a wide range of workshops, online consultancy, a large and continuously accessible library, and many more things. All these components require substantial investments, in order to create the suitable framework conditions for them. But it is worthwhile, as can be seen in the Haftelwald-Projekt, the “kleine, geile Klimameile“, the “online climate dialogue Heidelberg“ from Feb 2021 and – of course – the ECA itself. 
 The networking idea reaches beyond the ECA. Already today, the ECA forms part of a close network of cooperation partners, to which the ECA contributes and from which it can benefit. Institutes, agencies and players from the scientific, social, economic and political sphere are not only sources for knowledge but they also provide starting points for specific projects. Renowned European experts from all kinds of backgrounds feels closely linked to the ECA and offer even more opportunities to establish contact with a highly diverse set of structures.
 What is more, the ECA offers various platforms for corporations, municipalities, educational institutions and individual projects. These platforms serve as a forum, in which the different players, upon their own wish, can enter into a European competition for a climate neutral economy.