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ada_kantine: tasty and solidarity-based lunch for everyone

A project from Zukunft Bockenheim e.V.
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The ada_kantine offers a warm lunch 4 days a week for people in need and for the local community. The project is politically engaged and shows that healthy, nutritious and environmentally sustainable cooking is possible for everyone.

Andre Hetzel
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About this project

Since July 2020, the ada_kantine has been active as a solidarity kitchen project and a "restaurant for all". Over 200 volunteers and activists offer a special lunch in the former "Akademie der Arbeit" building on the Bockenheim Campus in Frankfurt am Main.

Every Friday-Monday we cook a healthy vegetarian/vegan three-course meal for the local neighbourhood and people who are in need of it. Anyone who can and wants to donate something can help finance a warm meal for the person sitting next to them. The focus is on the quality of the food and the friendly service, but also on a reflective and responsible approach to food recycling.

The project originated during the Corona pandemic, during which many aid offers for needy people were eliminated. At the same time, more people were acutely affected by poverty and unemployment, especially due to the consequences of the pandemic. Therefore, several Frankfurt initiatives and over 200 volunteers have united to create a place of encounter and care in the heart of Frankfurt.

The aim of the project is to build a social encounter point and a restaurant for everyone: in a carefully designed space, an atmosphere where different people can feel at home, feel valued and meet each other with mutual respect is to be created. In the long term, we plan to cook for 80-100 people up to five times a week. Since more than 18 million tonnes of overproduced food end up in the dustbin in Germany every year, and at the same time more and more people - all over the world, but also in our city - are living at subsistence level and have hardly any access to healthy, fresh food, we cook up to 80% of our food in the ada_kantine with donated and rescued food. Numerous initiatives throughout Frankfurt support us in in doing so. The garden around the canteen is used for an urban farming project.

The ada_kantine is an open space where both guests and staff treat each other with respect and appreciation. All of them have very different social and cultural backgrounds, bring their own experiences, competences and also possibly limitations. The boundary between guests and helpers often becomes blurred. Mutual curiosity, equal participation and flexible social engagement become possible.

With your support, we can show that a just and sustainable nutrition policy is possible and offer varied vegetarian meals to people in need. Become a supporter of our mission with your donation or by becoming active on site!

Project sponsor:
Initiative Zukunft Bockenheim

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