Medical Africa Building project

An aid project by “Medical Africa International” (Steven Markson K.) in Kampala, Uganda

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Steven Markson K. (Project Manager)

Steven Markson K.
Medical Africa is established specifically to support African clinics, schools and churches with medical care plus medical facilities .

Aims & Objectives
To support and develop the education and healthcare of children in African

Medical Africa Clinic Building:
The state of medical care in developing countries is a global concern. Many nations are in dire need of qualified medical personnel. People often die of illnesses that can be easily prevented or treated. If those who are sick and suffering can reach a health care facility, they are often faced with overworked doctors, broken equipment, and a lack of medical supplies and resources.
Medical Africa International is working to improve conditions in Uganda, Kenya and Burundi by providing Christian clinics with critically-needed resources — equipment, supplies, and Christian medical personnel—to treat patients as witnesses of God's love. We believe that we can provide physical restoration and spiritual healing through compassionate medical care.
There are opportunities for medical personnel to serve with Medical Africa overseas for a week or two, or a lifetime.
Each medical outreach team is able to see about 2,000 patients and treat 2500 for worms. We usually distribute $25,000 worth of medicines and vitamins free of charge on each medical outreach. For every dollar donated we are able to provide $25 of medicines and care. We have provided for surgeries and specialist care for those with special needs, and are able to arrange for ongoing follow-up for those who need it after we are gone through our permanent clinic, Projects in Uganda.
Puppet shows and stories serve as a form of encouragement and evangelism for the hundreds that wait in line at clinics. We also give out hundreds of pairs of reading glasses each trip, and use the Bible to test vision. Many are able to read the Word again for the first time in years. In conjunction with the clinics we deliver Mosquito nets and Bibles, toys and children’s clothing door to door.

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Location: Kampala, Uganda

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