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The Legacy of the Girls of Room 28. Educational Project.

Berlin, Germany

With our exhibition and our educational project, we convey the Theresienstadt legacy of "The Girls of Room 28" to young people. It is a project to remember the Holocaust, a project against anti-Semitism, and a plea for Art, Culture and Humanity.

Hannelore Brenner from Room 28 e.V. | 
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About this project

One of our goals is to create an extracurricular learning space for the exhibition The Girls of Room 28 and the Room 28 Educational Project, to connect the experiences of a group of Holocaust survivors with today and tell their story to younger generations.

What happened in Room 28, Girls‘ Home L410 in the Theresienstadt ghetto provides important impulses, also in connection with our vulnerable educational situation in times of Corona. Above all, our project helps to keep our historical memory alive and fosters civic values.
The story of "The Girls of Room 28" is a model case of how children living in an extreme situation can learn important things even when strictly prescribed curricula and regulated lessons are not possible. The adults who took care of the children in the Theresienstadt ghetto attached great emphasis on fostering social competence and solidarity and to help young people to develop their personality within the framework of their community. More than pure transfer of knowledge, they strove, as Fredy Hirsch put it, "to save the children from the devaluation of what is good." 
The association Room 28 was founded in 2007 in Berlin in order to support the Holocaust remembrance project which started back in 1996 as an alliance of Hannelore Brenner with two survivors of Room 28, Anna Hanusová (1930-2014) and Helga Kinsky (1930-2020), joined by their former roommates who had survived the Holocaust. Over the years the project gained international reputation and impact.
Today, after almost all survivors have passed away, it is important to keep alive the legacy of these special group of Holocaust survivors - in the interest of young people and future generations, as an essential part of our collective memory. The project is also a project against Anti-Semitism.
Some of our necessary steps:
  • Renewal of the exhibition
  • Development of teaching material
  • Digitalization of a sound- and film archive
  • Establishing a public information center
  • Strengthening Room 28 e.V.
  • Strengthening our pedagogic team
The story we tell is more than an additional story about the Holocaust. It is also a tribute to those adults in the ghetto who made it possible for children to experience the importance of art, culture and humanity in the struggle for self-assertion, for the assertion of one's own identity and dignity.

Through the exhibition and our educational project, we want to pass on the story especially to young people and together with educators and people involved in arts and culture. Because, as Karen Zolko, manager of the Brazilian exhibition “As meninas do quarto 28” put it: "Room 28 is a tool for a better world and future". In order to use this tool it is our goal to create an extracurricular place of learning in Berlin or wherever. For now, we aim to establish an atelier or office in Berlin on order to promote our project and convey it to the public.
Updated at 25. February 2021