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Modernization of Ambalabe Infirmary, Madagascar

A project from Tanora e.V.
in Ambalabe, Madagascar

Ensuring adequate primary paramedical care for more than 24,000 inhabitants of the Ambalabe commune in northeastern Madagascar. Providing the local health station with running water, electricity and cooling technology.

Gerold Dobler
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About this project

The municipality of Ambalabe is located in the coastal area of northeastern Madagascar, where tropical climatic conditions prevail. It is a distinctly rural region with a low standard of living, which is essentially based on subsistence agriculture and the cultivation of regional export products. 
The Ambalabe health station is a paramedical point of contact responsible for the basic medical care of around 24,000 inhabitants. This includes, in particular, vaccinations, obstetrics, simpler inpatient treatments, etc. More intensive  
For these often vital social tasks, the station is only very inadequately equipped technically and organizationally. 
Electricity is currently not available at all. 
Water is supplied to the ward by manual transport from the nearest village well, which is about 500 meters away and is operated by a hand pump. Hot water is produced on demand by the patients or their relatives on an open fireplace in ordinary cooking vessels.  
A kerosene-powered refrigerator-freezer is installed for the storage of medicines, but it has been out of service since early 2018 and cannot be repaired. 
The function of the Ambalabe dispensary is critically limited by the lack of basic infrastructure. Even though no dramatic corona infection incidence has been observed in the region so far, the situation must be expected to worsen. A theoretically conceivable vaccination campaign would not be feasible with the current infrastructure. 
Against this background, Tanora e.V. has been collecting donations in cash and in kind since the end of 2020 for the following purposes:
  • Construction of a self-sufficient photovoltaic power generation plant for the supply of constantly available electricity in sufficient quantities.
  • Implementation of a fresh water deep well drilling for the supply of running water. 
  • Procurement of a pharmaceutical-medical special refrigerator for the storage of medicines and vaccines.
  • Building modernization 
Implementation of the planned measures is to start before the end of 2021. The use of 100% of the funds for the intended purpose is ensured by absolutely trustworthy intermediaries on site. This has already proven itself in the realization of the current project "Ambalabe community center".
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