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“800 for 100” - Together we rescue the Bürgermeisterhof

A project from Bürgermeisterhof e.V.
in Salzwedel, Germany

To secure the mayor's court for the city of Salzwedel, to protect it from speculative intent and to preserve it as a public place, we are looking for 800 people who will enable the purchase with a donation of 100 euros.

Janet Meusel
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About this project

The Bürgermeisterhof (Mayor`s Yard) is a unique ensemble of houses right in the center of the Hanseatic city of Salzwedel. The half-timbered houses from the 16th, 18th and 19th centuries are among the oldest in the city and were partly built on the medieval city wall. They have been empty for many years, the historical substance is decaying and a point of contact, not only for tourists, threatens to be lost.
We want to prevent that. We are an initiative of regional actors interested in urban development. Together we want to preserve the gem. In addition to the structural preservation, a movement against the desertification and for the revitalization of the inner city is to be initiated. The enthusiasm, not only of the first actors, is great. It also inspires many others who long for a lively city center and open meeting places.
It takes a lot of vision, courage and trust to buy the mayor's court for 
€80,000. This was made possible by private loans acquired at short notice.
In order to secure the Bürgermeisterhof for the city of Salzwedel, to protect it from speculative intent and to keep it as a public place, the non-profit association Bürgermeisterhof e.V. was founded. Now it is time to repay the private loan for the purchase price and ancillary purchase costs.
Our idea: 800 for 100. We find 800 people who donate 100 euros to collect the purchase price by the end of April and to repay the loan.
If that succeeds, all the energy can flow into maintaining the mayor's court in order to fill it with new life. With the settlement of associations, cultural workers, small businesses, workshops and presentation areas for regional initiatives, the mayor's courtyard is to develop into a lively center with “contagion potential” in the inner city. We want to liven up the historic inner courtyard with a café, small markets, concerts and film evenings.
Help us keep our promise to redeem the loans by the end of April.
Donate € 100 to the “Bürgermeisterhof e.V.”!
In doing so, we are jointly setting an example that it is up to us to help shape Salzwedel and the region. We are all mayors!
We would like to thank you for your donation with an original print from the mayor's court.
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