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Funded New home for pigs at Erdlingshof

A project from Erdlingshof e. V.
in Kollnburg, Germany

Erdlingshof is in need of funds to increase the size of the free run area for the pigs in order to continue to welcome animals and provide them with a safe home.

Birgit Schulze
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About this project

The Erdlingshof is an animal sanctuary in the Bavarian Forest, where animals are simply allowed to live without having to provide any benefit. Currently we have over 100 animals living with us: rabbits, cats, chickens, dogs, turkeys, geese, sheep, goats, deer, pigs, horses and cattle.

Almost all of them originally lived in very sad and cruel living conditions until they were rescued by Erdlingshof. We tell their life stories and want to create awareness for more compassion, appreciation and respect.

We are currently planning to enlarge the free-run area for our pigs as a first step towards realizing our vision for the future of Erdlingshof. With your help, we can continue to take in animals and provide them with a safe home.

To support our project, the two marathon runners Ben and Nico have come up with something really crazy: In the first week of August, they want to run from Berlin to Erdlingshof, 550 km! They will give everything and collect as many donations as possible, so that soon many more pigs can live a happy life.

Please support them, because every Euro counts!

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Cover photo: Christopher Carson on Unsplash

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