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Support environmental defenders in the Pantanal!

Porto Jofre, Brazil

Our volunteers in the Brazilian Pantanal receive equipment as well as training in film production and photography so they can document environmental problems and raise awareness for the protection of this unique ecosystem.

Anna-Maria G. from Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) Deutschland | 
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About this project

In 2020 we heard a lot about forest fires around the world, but less about the destruction of our planet’s largest tropical wetland. 

Last year record breaking fires ripped through Brazil’s Pantanal, one of the most biodiverse places on the Earth. Despite its enormous ecological value, just 5% of the Pantanal is protected, while cattle ranching and climate breakdown threaten the remaining wetland.

Our team of volunteers
Despite this tragic loss, there’s still an incredible amount of life to protect. The Environmental Justice Foundation is funding, training and supporting environmental defenders in the Pantanal who are taking on the challenge to fight for this unique ecosystem.

Location: Brazil

The Pantanal is a precious ecosystem in crisis. Now is the time for action to make sure the Pantanal remains a life-giving force that benefits both people and wildlife.

Your donation will help us keep training environmental defenders, and give this wonderful ecosystem a better chance of survival.

Thank you for your time and support!
Updated at 02. February 2021

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