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Closed Laptops for the digital lesson

A project from Emil Molt Akademie
in Berlin, Germany

With the money we want to buy laptops for students who cannot afford them. We urgently need all students to have the same possibilities to take part in our online classes.

Marian Conens
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About this project

The Emil Molt Akademie in Berlin is a Waldorf secondary school and vocational school. Our pupils come from a wide range of backgrounds and several of them receive social help or have a refugee status. Many of them do not have a laptop computer or tablet to participate in online lessons. 
We are lucky to have a high quality platform to offer digital lesson per live video and our teachers have been training for months now to be able to deliver the best possible distant learning lessons. However, several of our pupils are falling behind because they need computers to engage in the lessons and complete their schooling. 
The state will support us in getting some computers for these pupils, but it will not be enough and will not be available before the end of March. With your help, we will buy school laptops that the pupils can use at home right away after the winter break. 
The laptops that we will buy with the donations have a 2 in 1 function so that they can also be used as tablets. They are specifically designed as affordable, high-quality laptops for students and schools. With our goal money, we can buy 20 of them.