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A new place for Allerweltshaus: Support us in renovating and reorganising

A project from Allerweltshaus Köln e.V.
in Köln, Germany

Allerweltshaus stays in Ehrenfeld! For more than 30 years we support, demand and initiate social change. But now it’s time to roll up our sleeves: our new premises need to be renovated and reorganised. In order to achieve this, we need your support.

Jennifer Jendreizik
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About this project

What is Allerweltshaus?
For more than 30 years, Allerweltshaus in Cologne-Ehrenfeld has been creating open spaces for counselling, encounters, education and campaigns. We work in the field of political education and support the self-organisation of migrants. Committed people founded our non-profit association in 1989. It’s a place where the seeds of a diverse and free society are being sown, so that future generations can share the fruits of our labour: climate justice, solidarity, human rights, democracy etc. A lot of volunteer work, expertise and support from our neighbours, our quarter and the City of Cologne enabled our association to grow and work successfully over the course of the past three decades.

Why do we need your support?
Five years ago the premises of Allerweltshaus were sold. After extended negotiations it became clear that the lease contract for our house on Körnerstraße would be up in March 2021. We had to look for new premises. After much searching, we succeeded in finding a new place: a building from 1863 which stood empty for two years: right in the centre of our beloved neighbourhood and in close proximity to our old location. Negotiations with different municipal institutions on a building lease contract are still under way. This is why the process of relocating is going to take a while. But with the support of many volunteers we have already been able to implement the first reconstruction measures as agreed upon with the authorities in charge. What’s more, we already spent the first larger sums for groundwork and orders executed by skilled workers like architects, engineers etc.
We are creating a transformative space for work and events in an accessible environment. Your trust in us obliges us to live up to our responsibilities and to combine solidarity with people of all nations with political education and cultural work.  
We are planning new open spaces, workspaces, a café, a worksite for our radio alleweltonair and much more. We need you to launch and realise the transformation of our house.
We create and reclaim open spaces:
After the renovation our consulting service will continue to be there for those who need support, especially those who have only basic knowledge of the German language. We will continue to remove the heavy obstacles that the authorities often put in their way. Education, literature and language continue to be topics close to our heart, so that we can turn our attention to our world’s diversity - right here in Cologne, as well. We fight for the protection of our climate and demand climate justice. Solidarity with people of other countries will always remain at the core of our association’s work. 

Our goals:
What do we stand for? Counselling, encounters, education and campaigns.
What do we advocate? A just society in a just world.
What do we fight for? Sustainability, postcolonialism and climate justice.
How can we achieve our goals? Only with you! 

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