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Soap, disinfectant & masks at our school in the Mathare slum, Kenya

Mathare, Kenya

Help us to provide masks, soap and desinfectants at our school in the Mathare slum in Kenya to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jan-Rickmer Feindt from Children of Mathare e. V.  | 
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About this project

The corona pandemic will have a strong grip on us worldwide in 2021 as well. In Europe we can benefit from the privileges that politics allow us with the aid of aid payments. Through political aid, our livelihoods are largely secured and our basic supplies for survival are guaranteed.

In other parts of the world things are unfortunately different. Even before the pandemic, the people in the Mathare slum (near Nairobi, Kenya) suffered due to poverty, poor hygiene in the slum and homelessness. Our association work is concerned with supplying a school with food and school materials for students, salaries for teachers and other aids. At the moment, the very poor school, which also houses orphans, is dependent on our help in order to be able to afford masks, soap and disinfectants, so that the risk of infection is reduced. Due to the already poor hygiene in the slum, we can not only slow down the spread of the corona pandemic, but also counteract other outbreaks of diseases in the slum.

In the past we have already been able to complete two successful donation campaigns thanks to the help of numerous sponsors and have been able to maintain the supply of masks, soap and disinfectants in the school for a few months. The supplies are unfortunately running out, which is why we are now calling on you again to take part in our fundraising campaign.

Even the smallest donation can make a big difference. Anyone who knows our association work that already 5 euros or 6 US-Dollars is sufficient for the basic supply of food, clothing and school materials for a student. Just think how much you would help with infection protection with 5 euros or 6 Dollars (and maybe more)!

For more information on the association's work, please visit our website:
Updated at 25. January 2021