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Funded Help families from the Rocinha favela during the coronavirus pandemic!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The community center "Centro Comunitario da Rua 2" urgently needs donations to finance emergency relief packages for underprivileged families from the Rocinha favela during the pandemic.

Arne Hencke from Ev.-Luth. Kirchengemeinde Lokstedt | 
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About this project

The coronavirus continues to spread rapidly around the world. At the moment Brazil as many other countries like Germany is experiencing a second wave of infection despite beeing in summer season. So far, more than 8 million Brazilians have been infected with the virus and with more than 209 000 deaths, Brazil is, in absolute numbers, after the USA the second most affected country in the world. As in many other places, the pandemic is accompanied by a severe economic crisis, which hits the poorest inhabitants especially hard.

What is it about?

The community center "Centro Comunitario da Rua 2" urgently needs donations to finance emergency relief packages with basic foodstuff for up to 300 underprivileged families from the poorest part of the Rocinha favela. At the beginning of the pandemic such food packages were already distributed by the community center but it has now no further means to maintain this aid.

Favela residents are often employed in the country's informal sector and heavily depend on their work for survival. But now they are unable to find work.  As a consequence in the last year alone the overall number of Brazilians living in absolute poverty has doubled to 10-15% (20-30 million people). To make matters worse, the government recently has cancelled its emergency financial assistance for the most vulnerable, which was introduced in March and which, according to a survey in December, was the only source of income for 36% of the population.

And now?

With the help of your donation emergency relief packages with basic foodstuffs can be distributed to underprivileged families. For one family these food packages last  up to a month and a half. Davi Pereira, the president of the community center, assembles the food packages together with other local volunteers, distribute them among the community and also accompany the families during the pandemic.


Your donation is collected via which provides a convenient donation platform. It is completely free of charge and is a non-profit organization. If you live in Germany you even get a tax-reduction for your donation. You can (but don't have to) make also a donation for the platform during the donation progress (you can change the shown amount!). The collected money is then transferred to the Protestant Church which forwards the money directly to the community center. By the way, even before the pandemic the community center played an important role inside the favela. For instance each year it organizes a summer camp for the kids. 
Updated at 25. January 2021

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