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A project from openSenseLab gGmbH
in Münster, Germany

The is a free platform for environmental data used at many schools, universities and by citizen scientists. We inspire enthusiasm for the environment, promote digital sovereignty and participation.

Philip Weiger
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About this project

The internet platform is a citizen-operated sensor network for open environmental data that emerged from a research project at Münster University. Sensors operated by citizens, schools and others collect measurements on various environmental phenomena and make them available in real time as open data on the platform. This data can be used free of charge by private individuals, scientists, companies or educational institutions for all purposes - it belongs to society as a whole. Thus, the openSenseMap enables participation in the scientific process of environmental monitoring.
With more than 6600 stations and over 6 billion measurements (e.g. of temperature, UV radiation, air and soil moisture, particulate matter), the openSenseMap is currently probably the largest citizen-operated sensor network in the world. To ensure that this platform continues to be available free of charge, especially to schools and universities, we rely on your help.