Blocked Columbus Orphanage and Preparatory School, Ghana

An aid project by “Orga geblockt am 15.06.2017” (betterplace-Team ..) in Kumasi, Ghana

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betterplace-Team .. (Project Manager)

betterplace-Team ..
The project "Columbus Orphanage and Preparatory School" has been founded by Pastor Columbus Appiah in 2000. He bought the land to edify a building that includes an orphanage, a school and also his church. The pastor takes care of about 50 orphans and more than 150 outsiders.
Besides the pastor who tries as hard as possible to ensure the financing of the accommodation, education and food for the children, two women work in the compound. One of them is Naomi Appiah, the pastor's oldest daughter, the other one is Lisbeth. Naomi's task is to set a connection between the pastor's project and us, the volunteers. Lisbeth supports the children in cooking and washing the clothes of the smallest ones.
L. (19) and J. (20) arrived on the 13th September 2011 to accomplish their one year volunteer-service (Weltwärts) for the organisation ICYE. P. (19) came here through the NGO “Los zu Ghana” on the 14th December 2011 and will stay for five months.
As volunteers we face an interesting variety of tasks. We teach different subjects in school, coach the orphanage's football team three times a week, and support the children in the evening when they are supposed to learn.
Since we are living on the same compound as the orphanage, we are trustworthy persons for the children in all kind of issues and take them to hospital when they are sick.
All in all twelve teachers, the headmaster and two women who prepare the pupil's lunch, work in the school.
The women cook and wash the dishes on the floor directly behind the classes and the children take their lunch on old wooden benches without cutlery or washed hands.
Everyday the dirty water and the rest of the meal are spread over the school's floor.
This causes many sicknesses who can be attributed to those fatal hygienic conditions.
To improve the situation we plan to move the kitchen out of the school, and to build a new hygienically clean canteen including running water, basins for washing hands, and a serve-out for the pupil's lunch.
All three of us supervise the project in cooperation with Mr. Gyamfi (architect and teacher of this school) and Mr. Boateng (architect), who is the chairman of an UN registered NGO.
Our biggest challenge is to secure the financial needs of this project, since the pastor is not able to contribute.
Mr. Boateng, meanwhile, is helping us a lot since his NGO confirmed to pay for half of the total workmanship.
Of course we will participate in the course of constructing and help as much as we can.
After finishing this project we are open to continue planning other projects.
Thank you very much for your interest, trust and your contribution.

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Location: Kumasi, Ghana

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