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Libraries for government schools in rural Bihar

A project from Nitya Bal Vikas Deutschland e. V.
in Muzaffarpur, India

High-quality children's books make reading fun and help preventing children from dropping out of school in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Lisa H.
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About this project

Together with our Indian partner organisation Prayatna we want to establish libraries in rural government schools in Bihar.

Access to high-quality children's books is essential for high-quality education. Especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, many children run at risk of falling behind or even dropping out.

A well-equipped library can help preventing this.

In the past, we already helped establishing libraries in some schools. The results were overwhelming. Our partner organisation explained that a competition had started among the children: who read the most books?

This is where we want to continue. With books from non-profit publishers, we want to bring high-quality, illustrated children's books to rural government schools in Bihar. One such publisher is Pratham Books. Our partner organisation had obtained books from this publisher in the past. 

About 80€ enable our partner organisation to establish a small library with around 100 illustrated children's books in a rural government school.

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