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Study "UAV-based chemical & biological sensing for security and safety"

Hamburg, Germany

Technology monitoring and Delphi study: analysis and evaluation of technological trends and application potentials of UAV-based sensing of chemical and biological materials for security and safety.

Magnus Clausen from Eyvor Institut gGmbH | 
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About this project

Preliminary consideration
The future is uncertain and often unpredictable. Technological developments are part of this uncertainty and dictate the speed and pace at which our society changes. Thus, there is an increasing need for all stakeholders to manage this change and uncertainty. Forecasting technological progress and developments associated with emerging technologies, however, almost always share a common goal: to create possible future scenarios that map trends and influencing factors. These future scenarios allow us to track and understand different directions of possible development, especially given the uncertain nature of some trajectories. 

Subject and objectives of the study
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are nowadays widely used in civil applications. One of the most promising applications is their use as airborne sensor networks for environmental monitoring and disaster management. Due to the recent decrease in cost and improved performance of virtually all of their relevant subsystems, they have become a commercially available and affordable technology. Their use in swarms and in concert with other autonomously operating cyber-physical systems is currently being investigated in a variety of research and development projects. 

Our planned implementation of an extensive technology monitoring and an expert-based Delphi survey aims at analyzing and evaluating technology trends and application potentials of UAV-based sensing of chemical and biological materials for security and safety, on the basis of which scenarios for future applications are to be developed. 

Your help to fund the project
To finance this research project, we need 9,000 euros for the study implementation (recruitment of experts, workshop implementation, fees for specialized databases, software licenses, etc.). The scientists and experts involved are working on a voluntary basis.  We would appreciate your donation!

Dr. Magnus Clausen and Dr. Roman Kernchen, Eyvor Institute, Hamburg


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