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Funded Help for Olaf

Drochtersen, Germany

Help, Cat, together, Syria, Germany

J. Katsiros from Verein für hilfebedürftige Tiere
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Olaf is only 14 months old and lives with Kätzin Sisi with Nada and Nouri, who fled Syria before the war and were given asylum with us.

 Olaf suddenly stopped eating and kept trying to throw up.  He was then brought to the clinic in Norderstedt on January 11, 2021.  After a careful examination, it was found that there was a thread under the tongue that had migrated into the intestines.  This long thread can only be removed through an expensive operation.

 Unfortunately, this operation and the follow-up treatment will cost around 2,000 euros.  A sum that Nada and Nouri cannot possibly raise.

 We were able to suggest payment in installments and now want to accompany Olaf until he is healthy again and the costs for this operation have been paid.  From now on he has animal insurance, just like Sisi, so that such a case cannot happen again.

 Olaf now needs our joint efforts so that his mistresses do not get into severe hardship that they cannot overlook because they do not yet know our system well enough.

 Together we can make Olaf and his mistress happy again.  Please help us with it.  Any help is valuable and it makes life much warmer and brighter.  We all really need that at this time.

 Kind regards and thank you very much

 Jutta Katsiros