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Funded Go new ways with us: Association Café Wilde Flora

A project from Wilde Flora e.V.
in Dresden, Germany

In the café with sailing beans, barter logic freedom and seasonal-regional menu, we implement new sustainable concepts. Our message: Live the change with pleasure.

Max Tettenborn
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About this project

The association
The team of the Wilde Flora consists of a growing circle with currently about ten members. We have set ourselves the goal of promoting a high level of resource awareness and strengthening regional structures. The association and educational work is combined with culinary enjoyment.

The Café
We implement the association work in a café, which we moved to a new location shortly before the start of the pandemic-related lockdown in mid-October. The ingredients of all meals are produced ecologically and regionally. Furthermore we take care to create as little uncompostable waste as possible. The menu adapts to the seasonal offerings. We are also the only café in Dresden that offers sailing espresso (freight climate neutral by sailing ship).
Our volunteers work according to the principle of free exchange logic: café visitors become supporting members of the association and donate an amount of their own choice to cover the expenses. This also means that people with smaller wallets can enjoy a high-quality and sustainable product here because it is environmentally friendly. At the moment, many activities are unfortunately idle due to the pandemic. As soon as it is possible again, we want to use the space and our contacts to other initiatives to convey our message in and around the café: a reflective and sustainable use of resources is fun and tastes good. 

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