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The Amazon continues to burn - number of fires at a record high

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in juruena, Brazil

The Amazon rainforests are burning like they haven't in a long time. Behind this are calculations and big money. People and animals are falling by the wayside - and not just in South America. The Amazon influences our world climate!

Isabel Stock
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Deforestation in the Amazon continues at record levels - 11,088 square kilometers of rainforest were destroyed between August 2019 and July 2020.  Compared to the previous year, the destruction of rainforests has increased by 9.5 percent. A development with dramatic consequences: Soon there could be no turning back and the fertile forest could become a savannah. With fatal consequences for mankind and nature. If this huge carbon reservoir disappears, the climate crisis will be unstoppable.

"The sharp increase in deforestation in the Amazon must be seen as a direct consequence of Bolsonaro's policy. It is pure poison for the Amazon," said Roberto Maldonado, Brazil desk officer at WWF Germany. "Bolsonaro is pursuing short-term economic interests here: And as long as global demand for feed soy, beef and dairy products increases, forests will continue to give way to pastureland."

Many European countries, including Germany, have a responsibility here, as they are the main buyers of these products. That's why WWF is demanding "that companies convert their supply chains to be deforestation-free" and that policymakers provide the framework for this in the form of an "effective deforestation-free supply chain law," Maldonado said.