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A project from CVJM-Hegnach
in Waiblingen, Germany

"Dankbarkeit – Demut – Dienen - Disziplin" means "Gratitude - Humility - Service - Discipline"

Markus Panzer
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Soccer 4D - the first soccer club in Hegnach
The first soccer youth group in Hegnach! And you are part of it!
Every thursday from 17.00h - 18.00h
in the Hartwaldhalle in Hegnach.

Group1: 1-4 grade
Group2: from 5 class

 The 4D's are the name and program of our soccer youth group:

- Gratitude 
- Humility 
- Service 
- Discipline

What to expect?

Playing soccer
hearing stories from the bible
experience great fellowship
playing fair 
and much more!!!

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