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Closed Food for the Dogs in Botosani

Food for the Dogs in Botosani

C. Keil from Pro Canes et EquosWrite a message

Botoșani - the massacre of the 5/11/2011 remains unforgotten, death is still waiting for its next victim!
With the unbelievable mass murder which the past mayor ordered secretly 232 dogs were executed and only 8 puppies survived, because they could be saved by present animal welfarists in the last second. Ever since then Botosani has become a "name" to everybody who is interested a little in the street dog problem and their accommodation in Romania.
Today about 150 dogs are constantly living at the public shelter for stray dogs which is located on a garbage dump. Constant hunger is nothing unusual, before the support of ProCanes in August 2012 the animals were fed only every few days sporadically with leftovers from the local slaughterhouse and rubbish of supermarkets or were supplied with irregularly incoming, small food donations of voluntary local animal welfarists and are accordingly thin and drained. 1000 dogs already starved last year, because food was only given on 3 days per week.
In the city of Botosani are about in 2000 stray dogs. By the existing animal law in Romania, which doesn't allow the killing of strays, slowly starving of the animals is at the moment still the general method par excellence to reduce the number of the street dogs. Negotiations with the actual mayor about other measures (i.g. neutering) run only very slowly.
The first priority in Botosani is the quick help with enough dry food for every dog to avoid deadly fights among the dogs for food and to get as many animals as possible through the ice-cold (up to minus 25 degrees) winter. The kennels are already mostly roofed and also the grounds are solid, however, the doghouses do not offer much protection against the cold since they are not isolated and widely open.
To support the dogs with daily food, we need monthly 1,462.50 Euros. The Romanian company Maravet delivers directly to the shelter, the price per kg is at the moment 0.65 Euro. That means we can buy 2.25 tonnes of dry food, this equals a daily ration of approx. 500 g per dog.
Thank you so much for your assistance,
the team of and the shelter dogs

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