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Funded LaBasikati Empowermentcenter

Nelspruit, South Africa

LaBasikati Empowerment Center helps women plant a garden to generate income and feed their family. The construction of a small house creates a shelter, training facility and storage space.

A. Neuhaus from Förderverein LIA Support
Write a message is an association that supports the work of women in Namibia and South Africa. Among other things, self-help projects such as gardening projects and sewing and handicraft workshops are supported here.

LaBasikati Empowermentcenter was founded in 2019 by Magret Nongozo Phiri, with the aim of creating a platform and a contact point for unemployed women. It aims to create a counseling center and a safe place for women to meet, exchange ideas, learn a craft, and design projects that will allow them to generate an income to support their families. Currently, 10 women between the ages of 26 and 50 work in the garden project that has been established in the community. The aim of this garden project is to fight hunger and unemployment. So far, 2 community gardens and 25 vegetable gardens have been established on private land. The work in the gardens also has a therapeutic effect on the women.
Another sustainable project of the empowerment center is the production of doormats from old clothes.
It is now important to build a house with sanitary facilities so that tools and materials can be stored safely and the women have a safe place to meet. Currently, work is being done from the women's various homes, which are not large enough for their families anyway.
The dream is to have a house from where the women can do their work and attend trainings. The house will help the women to further develop and carry out sustainable upcycling projects.
All activities of the dedicated women rely on donations and support from individuals. Due to the corona pandemic, the women's work has been severely affected. However, the cultivation of the gardens has proven to be vital, especially in such times of crisis.

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