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Hip Hop 4 Hope Refugee Youth Empowerment

Athen, Greece

Hip Hop 4 Hope uses hip hop culture as a tool to empower the refugee youth in Athens. Through our regular activities the kids gain more self-confidence, learn to express themselves and find a way to stay away from drugs and violence.

S. Müller from Hip Hop 4 Hope e. V.
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Children should be full of dreams, ambition and hope. Dance can give wings to people, it can start new fires, which previously seemed extinguished and it brings people together. Our team brings together an incredible collective of very different people from very different origins, but whom all share the same passion.  We use Hip Hop for Hope to uplift the youth and give them confidence to change their life and become a role model and leader in their local community.

With the elements of the Hip Hop culture (Breakdance, Rap, Graffiti, DJ and Knowledge) we aim to inspire the youth. We motivate them to join regular activities and to express themselves with their selected and prefered artform. Through events that contain competition we keep the kids motivated to challenge them in exchange with other dancers. This helps them to gain self confidence and to meet new people. Instead of hanging around in the streets the kids will focus on practise. Confidence comes through their self earned skills. They form dance groups to experience the healthy feeling of community and get included in the local greek dance scene.

Next to our projects in Manila/Philippines, we started to expand a new project in Athens/Greece to empower refugee youth in cooperation with the organizations "Respect for Greece" and "The Home Project".

With your donation we are able to host regular dance classes and a Kids Block Party (Event):
  • The regular dance classes, taught by local greek dancers, enable a sustainable project. The teachers perform as role models and mentors for those kids. They build empowering relations and integrate the kids into the greek dance community.

  • The Kids Block Party (Event) is inspired by the 80's Block Partys of the Bronx, which are one of the main reasons why Hip Hop became a world wide movement. Those parties were a social and peaceful platform of exchange, in times of violence dominating the life in the streets. From past experience of our projects in Manila we realized the huge impact of a Kids Block Party. International dancers inspire the kids and the competition motivates the kids through exchange with other dancers.

Help us to empower the refugee youth in Athens.

We will updated you about the progress of Hip Hop 4 Hope Athens.
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