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Enabling Education Innovatively – Open XUL-Books for Malawi

Karonga, Malawi

Together with authors from the Malawi Institute of Education, we create digital textbooks that convey the topics of the Malawian curriculum in a modern and vivid way. Help us make education possible in the most rural areas of Malawi!

N. Kunz from Next Generation Africa e.V.
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Every morning, Virginia walks 16 km to school. The girl from Nkhaniyawo, a small village in northern Malawi, is happy to take the long way. It's the only way she can achieve her dream of graduating from school and one day becoming a doctor. But her school lacks essential education resources: books, maps, laboratory equipment. About 20 students share one book - if there is one at all. Classes consist of "chalk & talk". It is obvious that successful learning can not work like this. Yet education is crucial for countries to development. For education to succeed, everyone must have access to high-quality educational materials. We want to contribute to this - so that Virginia's journey to school is also worthwhile.

Together with a team of authors from the Malawi Institute of Education (MIE) and the Diocese of Karonga, we produce textbooks that convey the topics of the Malawian curriculum in a modern and vivid way - our XUL-Books. The books are made freely (!) available throughout the country and are also distributed via WhatsApp and Facebook. In places without internet, they are offered with our Digital Library and can be printed. Thus, our books are fundamentally different from the books of common publishers, which can only be purchased as a printed book and cannot be shared digitally. With the help of our Xul-Books, digital knowledge can help in all corners of Malawi.

By the way, "xul" is a common abbreviation for 'school' in Malawi.

By the end of 2021, we want our Xul-Books to cover eight subjects, each with four years of the Malawian curriculum, and reach over 250,000 students across the country by 2022. The authors are ready. All we need now are the necessary donations.

For only 1000€ you can donate a complete book. With about 200€ you cover the costs of one chapter. And with about 5€ you contribute one page to a Xul-Book.

You can find more information on our website!