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Hope for children with disabilities at the Hope and Faith Orphanage

A project from Verein Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Munyu/Kenia e.V.
in Juja Farm, Kenya

With your donation you can make the children in the orphanage happy! The orphanage is fighting for survival - but there is also hope: organic farming and a wonder garden.

Margit Döring
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About this project

The Hope and Faith orphanage is located in a dry area near Juja Farm in Kenya. The head oft the orphanage Marion Karimi cares intensively and lovingly for 42 children with various disabilities. Some of them were found in the ditch and some were left in the hospital when they were born. 

While many facilities have closed due to Corona, all of Marion's children are constantly in the home. She is fully responsible for everything. Not an easy situation. And she does not know how to survive for the next six months.

She has and lives with an impressive faith and trust in God. She draws strength from it every day to come to terms with all the things and worries.

Organic farming at Hope and Faith - A self-help project

The farm project is a great success. It is a good activity for the children. Marion has created raised beds for the children who sit in wheelchairs - a wonder garden. These children are also allowed to plant, water, fertilize and harvest vegetables.

Thanks to a large donation, Marion was able to buy the adjacent property. Employees built a fence around the field and dug the ground so that vegetables can be grown. Now the children with disabilities can be active themselves.

OASA assists the orphanage. Our employees in Kenya Hubert Senger and James Gichuru are in direct contact with the head Marion Karimi.

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With your donation you make the children happy!