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Give your voice to health in dance! We offer dance medicine for everyone!

A project from e. V. - Organisation für Tanzmedizin
in Darmstadt, Germany

We are involved in all dance branches with the aim of promoting the health and quality of life of dancers - from amateurs to professionals. Together with all professional groups related to dance & health, we create the ideal framework for this.

Gerd Mittag
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Since more than 23 years, e. V. is active in the dance world.
With our network of dancers, doctors, trainers and therapists we work to make dance healthier in the long term. We are there when dancers seek help.

With a donation you give us the opportunity to continue our important work, to expand it and to continue giving health a voice in dance.

With the money raised, we can expand our network, offer new training programs and expand our range of advisory services.

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