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Help to keep the rainbow shining!

Roth, Germany

Help to keep the rainbow shining!

Roth, Germany

We want to keep the rainbow depot alive, because in addition to its function as a cheap source of used goods of all kinds for people in financial need and environmentally conscious re-users, over 70 jobs depend on us.

Martina Liss from Werkhof Regenbogen e.V. | 
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About this project

We are a non-profit association that operates social department stores and thus creates both jobs and job opportunities for re-entry into the first labor market.We are completely self-sufficient and - in keeping with the nature of non-profit associations - we have no large reserves in the background.The first lockdown consumed our security cushion and we had to borrow a loan to keep our operations going, despite a financial government injection.The turnover from our department stores has now collapsed for the second time, but the costs (wages, rents, etc.) continue to run.For all of us a doubly stressful situation, because in addition to the threat from Covid19, it is now a question of survival in terms of job technology.Every euro brings us a little further, helps us to go on for a day.More information at

Updated at 28. December 2020